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Thesis Research Fields / Principal Investigators

There are three main areas defined in BIONAND where research groups perform their scientific activity: Nanodiagnostics, Therapeutic Nanosystems and Regenerative Nanomedicine. These three scientific areas coincide with NanoMedPhD eligible research areas, and broadly cover the main types of research that can be carried within the bounds of Nanomedicine. The definition of these 3 research areas is described in section Eligible Research Areas.

The research groups located in BIONAND have a wide expertise in nanomedicine, and deal with the most important clinical challenges considered for Nanomedicine in Horizon 2020, such as inflammation, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular and cancer.

These research groups collaborate with a large number of world-class research centers and universities, and some of them are active participants within themed national research networks (such as the Network of Biomedical Research Centers, CIBER and the Themed Cooperative Research Networks of the Carlos III Health Institute) and international networks (such as Cost Actions). Moreover, it is noteworthy that Bionand research groups have experience receiving researchers supported by European and National mobility programmes.

Next are shown the thesis research fields offered by the research groups of BIONAND within the three research areas of the NanoMedPhD Programme. Detailed information about the principal investigators (PhD supervisors) as well as their respective expertise, research lines and interests can be downloaded by clicking on each thesis research field.

Nanodiagnostics Area

1 Chemical synthesis, purification and spectroscopic characterization of dendrimeric structures and fluorescent markers for biomedical applications

2 Metabolic Biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of neurological diseases

3 Integrated Photonic Biosensor Technologies

Therapheutic Nanosystems Area

1 Study of specific molecular recognition and modulation of the immunological response to drugs and allergens using synthetic nanostructures

2 Multifunctional Magnetic Nanomaterials for tumor targeting and molecular imaging

Regenerative Nanomedicine Area

1 Mesenchymal stem cells, biomaterials and bioactive molecules for the design and development of tissue engineering innovative solutions

2 Developmental bases of cardiovascular disease: searching for new therapeutic tools

3 Pluripotent stem cells: cell reprogramming analysis and applications

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