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How to apply

To start preparing a new proposal, please read carefully all the call information available from the programme website (www.nanomed-cofund.eu).

Applicants can manage the submission of proposals and follow the evolution of the selection process, via their Personal Area of the programme website.

The evaluation and selection process will be conducted in English. Proposals written in other languages will not be considered for evaluation. The interview phase will also be conducted in English.

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Before accessing the Personal Area, applicants should register in the website with a username and password. Once logged in, applicants must click the “new proposal” button and start editing a proposal by filling in the on-line application form and attaching the required documents.

It is important for applicants to be aware that the online platform does not permit changes to their application be saved and edited at a later stage but rather must be completed and submitted in a single session.  Therefore, it is recommended that the CV and Expression of Interest documents be completed in advance using the provided Word templates and exported as PDFs, such that they can easily be uploaded to the corresponding section of the online application form.

Applicants can download the official templates for CV and Expression of Interest in Word format from the relevant section of the NanoMedPhD website. Once downloaded, candidates must fill in the required fields and upload the document in PDF FORMAT to the specific section of the application form (Section “Upload required documents”).

In the template document “Expression of Interest” (using the official document), applicants must choose a Research Area and prioritise the corresponding thesis research fields offered by BIONAND research groups according to their interest. The thesis research fields in each area are shown in NanoMedPhD website, and it is is highly recommended to prioritize ALL the thesis research fields available in the selected area. Proposals will be ranked in each Research Area.

Within the Personal Area candidates can view submitted proposals.

Only full proposals will be considered for evaluation. The applicant will be responsible for submission of all the required information and validation of the respective components before the deadline. Once all the compulsory fields are filled in and all the required documents are uploaded, “submit” button must be clicked. The online system allows the submission of multiple proposals, however only one proposal per applicant will be considered for evaluation, according to the rules explained below.

Deadline for submission of proposals will be December, 30st, at 2.00 PM CET.  After this deadline the application will close the chance of submitting any proposal.

Once a proposal is submitted, it will not be able to be modified and re-submission is not possible. All applicants will receive automatically an acknowledgement of receipt to the email address given in the submitted proposal.

It is highly recommended not to wait until the closing date in order to submit your application.

All documents should be uploaded in PDF format.

Only one proposal per applicant will be considered for evaluation under this call. In the event of multiple submissions, the application will automatically invite the applicant to choose one proposal for evaluation. In case candidates do not specify their preference before the deadline, the first submitted proposal will be considered for evaluation with any other proposals declared inadmissible.

Once the Evaluation Process starts, the result of every stage of the process will be published in the Personal Area.  Candidates will receive an e-mail inviting them to access their Personal Area to check the status and new information regarding the Evaluation Process.

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