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Benefits of being a PhD researcher at Bionand

Next are described the benefits of being a PhD researcher at Bionand:

  • Nanomedicine is a field that is expected to produce great advances in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on the use of nanomaterials that have fundamentally different properties from classical materials. This promise has been reflected in the dramatic growth in Nanomedicine research over the last decade and major increases in both public and private investment. Nanomedicine is expected to play a major role in facilitating personalized medicine, one of the most important healthcare objectives of the 21st century.
  • NanoMedPhD participants will become a member of a competitive research group in BIONAND, receiving scientific supervision by Principal Investigators that have a wide expertise in Nanomedicine and wide collaborations with other research centers and universities.
  • Research groups have experience receiving researchers supported by european and national mobility programs, including the Andalusian Nanomedicine Program, Talentia and Talent Hub grants and Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.
  • Nanomedicine is a field with a very high degree of multidisciplinarity given that overlaps with biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, material science and engineering and involves very diverse experimental approaches, and it is reflected in the diverse expertise of the groups in Bionand. This diversity results in a highly stimulating and scientifically attractive environment that offers collaboration opportunities both internally and with other institutions in the health, university and private sectors.
  • BIONAND has a technological infrastructure specifically oriented towards nanomedicine, with last generation singular equipments and high qualified staff. Therefore fellows will be able to develop specific technical skills in the use and handle of technological equipment such as Image Magnetic Resonance, Spectroscopy, or Electronic Microscopy.
  • The main objective of NanoMed PhD Programme is that participants acquire suitable training and scientific expertise through the research groups where they are integrated in order to obtain a PhD degree. Moreover, they will receive wide specific training in scientific techniques in order to improve their scientific background. These training activities, described below, aim to enhance the skills and competitiveness of programme participants and thus increase their future employability in this emerging field.
  • The training programme includes:
    • Training in the use of unique scientific equipment, offered by BIONAND’s specialist technicians.
    • Annual Conference Series of BIONAND, Annual Conference Series of BIONAND, where international researchers specialised in Nanomedicine are invited to give lectures on their work. This activity offers the possibility of opening lines of communication with national and international research groups.
      • Advice on preparing proposals for regional, national and international funding calls, including specific courses on preparing European projects organized by the FPS International Projects Office.
      • Consultancy on the ethical aspects of projects.
      • Advice and guidance on technology transfer and intellectual property, including annual courses such as “Intellectual and Industrial Property”, “Technology Transfer” and “Creating and launching spinoffs” that are organized by the Technology Transfer Office in conjunction with partners from the private sector.
      • Assistance with aspects related to the dissemination of research results to both specialist and non-specialist audiences, with the involvement of the FPS Communication Department which is responsible for preparing press releases and organizing the participation of researchers in events that disseminate scientific activities to the public, such as the European Researchers’ Night.
      • Legal advice on all aspects related to biomedical research, such as Material Transfer Agreements or the import/export of biological samples.
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