Junta de Andalucía UMA

About the University of Málaga

University of Málaga (UMA) joins to NanoMed PhD Programme as an academic partner. UMA is a young and dynamic university, whose most distinctive signs are quality teaching, innovative research and knowledge transfer. Situated in an exceptional location, the University of Malaga relies on highly qualified teaching and research staff, with a strong track record of creating symbiosis between the industrial and academic sectors.

The teaching program of the University of Malaga combines traditional training with a multitude of specializing degrees and postgraduate studies, allowing students to build their academic life according to their very own interests and necessities. Furthermore, the wide range of cultural activities offered by UMA contributes to achieve comprehensive learning.

The University of Malaga, along with the University of Seville, forms the International Campus of Excellence “Andalucía Tech”, which works on cutting-edge research areas and has strategic alliances with over 150 companies. Nowadays, around forty thousand students are registered in this University in order to meet the professional standards demanded by society.

Therefore, if you are thinking of enrolling on a PhD , UMA provides an ideal environment both from a scientific and research point of view, and also in terms of quality of life and personal and intellectual development.

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